RM Importer - User Guide

This product allows users of MYOB RetailManager® to quickly and simply transport accounting journals, purchases and new suppliers into their Xero® company file. It is ideal for anyone wishing to move from MYOB AccountRight to Xero who are happy to keep their existing POS system.  It is also ideal for Xero users that would like to use RetailManager, as it is a POS system that is not dependent on reliable Internet connections.

The product uses a similar integration set up to the MYOB’s RetailManager to AccountRight integration.

(This is the User Guide for day to day operations.  If you need to know how to set it up, the setup guide is available if you click here). 

After some simple configuration that we can help you with, here is the process:

Play this short video:


or follow the process in simple pictures:

In the File menu in RetailManager choose Accounting Export:




Click ‘Export’ to export all cash up sessions since you last exported.




Click OK.


Open your favourite web browser (such as Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Microsoft Internet Explorer) and go to zilchconsulting.com and click Client Login:


04 2 Login.png

Enter your Username and Password and click Login.

05 2 Dashboard.png

You are now at the dashboard. Click Upload a RetailManager File.

08 2 Choose.png

Click Choose File.

09 2 Findfile.png

Browser to the location of the retail.txt file you exported, select it and click Open.

10 2 ScanAndCheck.png

Click Scan & Check.

11 2 Summary.png

Click Import into Xero.

12 2 Done.png

Wait for your transactions to be imported then click OK.

13 2 Finished.png

All done.  You can now click Logout and go into the Xero dashboard to see your transactions:


Any new suppliers will have been added to your contacts and you will have a draft invoice for every cashup in
the retail.txt file and a draft bill for every goods received or goods returned.  

We recommend that you import your RetailManager into Xero at least weekly to keep your accounting information
up to date.


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